Saturday, July 21, 2012

The lush prairie

There is lots on the news about the drought in the United States - the worst one in 50 years. Up here in Canada, we've manged to avoid it so far. The prairie is still looking quite green and with a bit of rain last night and heavy dew this morning... well... Sandy got his boots a little wet!
In some places, the grasses are quite low - as tall as a little bear. In other places though... the grass is beary tall!! Taller than a little bear or even two bears!
It looks kind of like a grass canyon! There is a very narrow trail through the grass and Sandy wonders if he'll ever make it through to the other side.
Ohhh... I think there might be light at the end of the grass tunnel!
Whew!! Made it through and out into the open again. Sandy wasn't aware until now that he can be a tad claustrophobic! Maybe it's time to climb a mountain and get a better view of the prairie...
Sandy's not sure what this boulder is doing in the middle of the prairie but it serves as a mountain and a lookout point. Whew... now to go and find some flowers in amongst all these grasses!


  1. You need some of the rain England's had over the past two months! It's meant to be our summer over here and it's been abysmal!

  2. In the Netherlands it rains like it's fall instead of summer! I'll try to send it your way :-)!