Friday, July 20, 2012

Sweet Peas Grow Up

Way back in... April? Early May?... Sandy was biking down some back alleys and found this... someone had planted a little garden outside of their back fence.
Mama said that they were baby sweet pea plants! Along with some other things in front... who knows what they might be. Sandy waited patiently for the sweet peas to grow up but... Mama said it would take a while and not happen in a day!
(Or even in two days... or three days)... So Sandy waited patiently and yesterday... was rewarded!!
Oooh ahhh... they are getting very tall (but Mama says they will get even more taller!) They are very colourful too and smell wonderful.
And the little tiny seedlings in front have also grown up... into many-coloured poppies!
They are red and orange and salmon coloured and yellow and white and even striped. But they are not half as big as some of the other poppies Sandy has found. There must be many different sub-species... just like with bears!


  1. Those are nice flowers Sandy--if we add sugar to our bowl of cooked green peas, do we get sweet peas too? Jerry says that he doesn't think it's the same thing.


  2. No... not sugar! You have to add honey and then they turn into magic green peas which, if you plant them, become sweat peas... yes... that's what Mama says... uh-huh...

  3. Well, I don't know how to turn green peas into sweet peans but the flowers are awfully pretty!!!