Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Source of the Honey

Yes... today Sandy discovered the source of honey. Yup... he was puttering along through a meadow admiring all of the pretty flowers when... he saw it... a bee to end all bees!
That is a monster bumble bee! It was very busy harvesting a flower called "clover". Sandy remembered that Mama at one point had "clover honey" and decided to investigate more closely.
These clovers are very beautiful. Mama told Sandy that if he pulled some of the purple bits and sucked on the ends that he would get a little bit of flower nectar...
So he pulled a few off and gave it a try... but his arms are a little too short... So then he thought he would just nibble on the flowers themselves and... ooh... yes... there was a little tiny bit of sweetness there!

Sandy had this great idea that he could gather clover and gather the nectar and make his own honey!! But when he thought about it a big longer... he decided that it would be a LOT of work... so he decided to let the bees do the work and he would just enjoy the flowers!


  1. clover honey is so yummy!
    Although I think I like pine tree honey just a little bit more

  2. Pine tree honey???? I've never heard of that! I had no idea bees could be so resourceful... I think that if they can have wineries with wine-tasting, they should have apiaries with honey-tasting! For little bears just like me... (and little pigs too... and hamsters...).

  3. B E E S ! ! ! ! We hope you're going to share your honey with your bear pals Sullivan, hehe.