Monday, July 23, 2012

Prairie Cooking?

Well... flowers are one thing that Sandy understands and appreciates. But some of the other plants that he finds on the prairie... he's not so sure what to do with them. First up is something called "sage"...
Sandy knows that sage is an herb used for cooking but is this it?? It smells kind of like sage brush but it's not sage brush... It has a silver-grey green colour and... well... Sandy's not sure what to make of it!
Next is something that looks a bit familiar - wild onion! Maybe...
It has a cluster of flowers at the end - very pretty... and long thin leaves.
The only problem with this identification is... they don't really smell like anything!
Although... do we really want a little bear walking around reeking of onion?? Probably not a good idea... Maybe Sandy will take up cooking later in life?


  1. We have a little herb garden with sage, chives, onions, basil, peppermint, tarragon, and a few other green things that Jerry planted. We use them to help cook meals, and they are yummy. Onion is a good smell, but we like garlic too! hehe

  2. That sounds like a good garden! We have... ummm... oregano, basil (sad), cilantro (harvested), thyme, mint (2 kinds) and chives. No onions... but we do have tomatoes! It's always touch and go if they will turn red before the weather turns cold!