Saturday, July 14, 2012

Huge Puff Balls!

Sandy thought that the dandelions made amazing puff-balls but... there is another type of flower that makes an even bigger puff ball... and Sandy (of course) has to get into the photo.
This is the puff ball... it is almost as big as Sandy's head (including his hat!)...
Wait... it might actually be bigger than Sandy's head!! It certainly looks quite a bit wider, and taller too!
But it's not quite as wide as Sandy's arm-span (he does have short arms after all). Let's see if we can get a picture of the whole puffball! And maybe Sandy can hold the stem of the puffball to keep it from moving in the wind.
Of course... without a scale, it's hard to tell how big the puffball is. Maybe Sandy does serve a very useful purpose as "flower-scaler"!


  1. Those are HUGE dandelions--I bed when you huff and puff and bow on them the seeds go everywhere! Just don't blow them into your neighbor's garden; he or she might not like that, hehe!

  2. Nooo... don't want to upset the neighbours. Mama says this flower is called Yellow Goat's Beard and that it is an invasive weed... but it looks so pretty! Plus I didn't see invasive armies of them marching into town, so not sure why it's called invasive.