Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Garage Sale Day

Sandy drove all the way to Gramma's house (a lonnnnggg way) to help her have a garage sale. There were other reasons for Mama to go... but this was Sandy's primary purpose! First off... you have to get everything set up outside.
There are tables to set up and things to bring outside, and everything needs to get organized. The name "garage sale" is actually a bit of a misnomer as (1) it's usually not the garage that is for sale and (2) people can have "garage sales" in their front yard, or their driveway! But everyone knows what you mean. Anyhow - all of the things need to get priced as well... and Sandy was very good at that!
It's rather easy in fact, because you can get stickers with pre-printed prices on them! Sandy likes the stickers because they are very colourful - a rainbow of colours! Mind you, Sandy did get a bit carried away with the pricing!
Carefuly Sandy... you are NOT for sale!! At any price! But other things are for sale and Sandy wandered the tables looking for unpriced items. But Gramma and he had done a pretty good job.
And of course, a little bear has to have some fun setting up a garage sale as well. Playing hide and seek in various baskets...
And even checking out some items that he likes... No, Sandy... we are not buying anything! Even if it does have cute little red lady-bugs on it...
Once everything is set up... it is time to put out the signs! But first... Sandy has to help blow up some balloons... special garage sale balloons. Sandy huffed and puffed but Mama ended up doing most of the work.
Another rainbow of colours! Those balloons will certainly draw attention! Now it's just to put the signs out. They are designed to catch the eye as well!
Sandy drove with Mama to both ends of the block and helped her poke the signs in the ground. He is a very helpful little bear.
And Sandy was ready for the garage sale! But he spent all his time inside... because it was very busy with lots of sales and Mama didn't want him hiding in a basket and then having that basket sold with a little bear inside! But at the end of the day... Sandy can say it was beary successful!!
Gramma made several hundred dollars and has less stuff to deal with now!

Sandy wants to wish all of his American friends a Happy Independence Day (with lots of balloons and fireworks)!


  1. We love those pre-printed stickers Sandy! That makes getting ready for a sale much easier. Just don't let anyone put a sticker on YOU by mistake!!

    Papa says we need to have a garage sale too, but maybe we'll wait until after this heat wave, because it's SO hot here right now!

  2. A sticker on me would not be a good idea! I'm sure someone would snap me up even if I was priced at $2!!

    Garage sales are a lot of work... but a great way to get rid of the clutter. Mind you, I'm a young little bear, so I don't have a lot of clutter... yet! Other than souvenirs of my trips... I don't think I've blogged about my dinosaur souvenirs yet!

  3. 2$? Nooooo. At least one thousand million billion dollars! Hehe. Papa says we need to have a garage sale too, but maybe after the summer gets's SO hot here right now.

  4. Ummm... 1,000, (thousand) 000,000 (million) 000,000, 000 (billion)... that is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 ....ooooooooooooohhhhh! That's a lot!! But Mama says she wouldn't sell me at any price!