Sunday, July 15, 2012

An Explosive Night

So Sandy got home very late last night and was very tired! He fell into bed and was asleep before his head hit the pillow (he may be a contender in the napping contest at this rate!). But then... shortly after 11 pm... there was a HUGE explosion! It sounded like it was right outside and Sandy burrowed under his pillow and tried to hide. Was it guns? A back-firing car? Something more serious? Noooo... it turned out it was fireworks!
It's the 100th Anniversary of Stampede and the city went to town on the fireworks displays! One of the fireworks locations was just a kilometre from where Sandy lives! Ooohh... ahhh... After a bit of grumbling (on Mama's part) and some foot-stomping and pleading (on Sandy's part)... it was decided to get out of bed (who could sleep anyhow) and go outside across the street and watch the fireworks...
There were green fireworks and red ones and yellow ones and white ones... and purple ones too!
There were cascading ones and bursting ones and sparkly ones... some made booming noises and others made cracking noises... and some even sounded like waterfalls! Sandy sat there with wide-open eyes and didn't see to notice the drizzle of rain... nor the ecstatically voracious mosquitoes... nor the terrified jack rabbits bounding here and there. Sandy did want his picture taken with the fireworks in the background despite assurances from Mama that it would most definitely not turn out... but... Sandy is a demanding little bear so... here is Sandy at the Fireworks!
Right there... in the foreground... just below the tree line...

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