Friday, July 27, 2012

Bear on the Loose

The movers came and the boxes and furniture went out the door very quickly! And soon the house was very empty. But where was Sandy?
That looks like him heading up the stairs! Running as fast as his little legs would take him.
He moves pretty fast for a little bear... doing pretty good on those stairs too!
Getting closer! He's cornered now in that room!
Ah... one last box... lucky the movers didn't take this box... because this is someone's hiding spot!
There he is... tucked away in the box. It's a good thing the movers didn't take this one... or Sandy wouldn't be going on a Grand Adventure soon.
And somehow Sandy has a gift for finding green stickers that match his coat (garage sale stickers, moving box stickers). Definitely a good thing he didn't have this sticker on him when the movers were here, or they would have packed him up!


  1. Oh, I'm glad Alexander didn't get lost in a box!! That wouldn't be good...!!

  2. I hope you are not left behind all alone?

  3. Hope you have a safe move Sandy! Don't forget to send your new address!

    Your pals, Jerry and Ben

  4. Ah, but where is everything going on that big truck? Are you mooving far?

  5. @Beanie - Noooo it would definitely not be a good idea if Sandy had ended up being packed!

    @Hammie - Not left alone... just doing the last clean-sweep and making sure nothing was left behind - and some things were - so it's a good thing Sandy was there!

    @Jerry and Ben - address sent!

    @Buttons - Well, we haven't moved very far at all, but most of our stuff has disappeared into a place called "Store-age" - I'm not sure what a store and age have to do with our stuff... but Mama is being coy and only saying we are going on a "Grandiose Adventure" (or something)...