Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Bathing Trees

Well it's been fun out here at Gramma's but it's time to head home soon. Sandy wanted to do one last walk down by the river (even though it looked like it might rain). The river has been very high and there was even a flood risk for a while, but it is slowly coming down.
The river does tend to nibble away at the edges of the river bank, sometimes taking the trail with it... Sandy had better watch where he is going from this point forward.
Along the river bank, you can see all of the roots sticking out. Sandy wonders if maybe some trees have been nibbled away at too? But he also notices that there are some big cracks in the ground near the edge of the nibbled bank... hmm... better back away slowly.
A little ways along, Sandy sees a whole swath of grass and flowers that are all flattened in one direction. At first he thinks maybe it has something to do with crop circles (which he's read about on the internet)...
But as he follows the flattened grass patch, he comes to the edge of the river bank...
And the grasses point towards the water - this must be a flood track! The water was so high that it came over the banks at one point and flowed through the grasses and then back in to the river. Whoa..... Right now the water is so high that there are some trees taking a bath in it!
Sandy's hoping that the trees will be able to stand up again once their bath is over...

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