Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Another Canadian team member for the Bear Olympics

Sandy went trotting down to the basement today, intent upon another trunk which rumour had it contained a Wise Old Bear. This trunk is made out of metal (at least on the outside)...
Yes... there is definitely a bear in there... although it looks like he's in some sort of time capsule!
Hmmm... this looks like a very old bear! His clothes are very old fashioned and look hand made...
Sandy thinks that maybe this bear should have a physical as he looks a little... dodgy around the edges (he's missing claws from his left arm!)...
Oh... this is a BEARY old bear! He has a prosthetic left arm and a big patch on his right arm. His squeeze-box voice is definitely not working. But... he can sit quite well!
That's very good... as there is a sitting competition coming up! Mind you... he's not going to win any "best-dressed" bear competitions either. But... after a bit of a chat, Sandy learns that this bear (whose name is... err... Brimberlein... or just Teddy for short) is almost 80 years old!!! Holy moly... that is a very old bear! He was even in Berlin during the 1936 Olympics and probably competed in a very early version of the Staring contest for the Bear Olympics. Oooh... Sandy is suitably impressed and is going to receive some coaching from Teddy Bear...
Teddy has a few cataracts developing but he still boasts a very good stare!
He is such an old bear that nearly all of the fur has been loved off of him. Wow... he could be called the Velveteen Bear! As for his nationality, he assures Sandy that long ago he took out Canadian Citizenship so... Sandy has another member for the Canadian team! (I hope he can still fart...)


  1. Oh, he's wonderfully well-hugged, isn't he?!!! And all bears know how to fart. Honest. I've never met one that didn't.

  2. Yeah! The Canadian Bear Team is growing! Should be a fun Olympics!

  3. @Beanie - He's very well hugged! He's been through a war and everything. Gramma also says that at some point his feet were re-soled. He must have walked very many miles to need that done. So far he's only releasing very discrete toots... but I'm working on feeding him some beans prior to the Olympics!

    @Jerry and Ben - And that is it for Team Canada! Three is a nice round number. Maybe someday I'll find a bear buddy to hang out with who belongs to the same sub-species as me... I'll keep looking...

  4. You can hang out with us any time Sandy! We're probably related anyway, hehe!

  5. Oh excellent!!! Hey Jerry and Ben, have you thought more about the GArdening and napping contests??