Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Folk Bear

The Folkfest was in town on the weekend, and since Sandy has some guests from Hally-fax visiting, he thought he would take them (and Mama) to the Folkfest. Sandy had never been to the Folkfest though, so he wasn't sure what to expect. Mama's partner has been many times before and told Sandy to bring lots and lots of water!! Which is good... because most of the stages were in the sun!
They even had mobile water stations walking around filling up people's water bottles - which was very nice of them. But it was still very hot... so Sandy went on the prowl for a stage that had shade and... success!
This was much better - although the trees did block the view a bit. But it's not so much the view Sandy was interested in as the music... which means you have to peruse the Programme...
There were artists from Canada, the United States (none from South Dakota who might know Jerry and Ben), Europe, Africa and South America! Sandy decided that the shady spot had some very good music coming up and it would be good to stay there! At least until the main show. One thing Sandy was a bit perplexed by was the mascot of the Folkfest - a cow with a guitar. Do all cows play guitars?? Do Dutch cows play guitar (or do they just block traffic)?
In between the stage shows and the main show, Sandy wandered through the artisan booths and saw something so pretty that he wanted to buy one for himself (or have Mama buy it). It was a t-shirt... but not just any t-shirt... it was a most colourful t-shirt... a swirly rainbow t-shirt!
This one is a kid's t-shirt too and Sandy figured that maybe... just maybe... it would fit him.
Alas the t-shirt was a bit too big... but that green was almost a perfect match with Sandy's coat. Ah well... at least there is a picture of him with the t-shirt! Finally it was time for the main show and Sandy found himself a good seat and sat back and enjoyed the performers.
The sun was going down at that point - so it started to get cooler and Sandy was very glad that he had his coat with him!


  1. Ooh, I love folkfestivals! I went to one two years ago, you can read my post about it here:
    I saw that Harr and G. have tickets for this years version of the festival too! I hope they ake me with them!

  2. That looked like a very fun music festival in 2010! It had a lot of character - barns and bicycle ovens... very nice. You could always hide in a backpack and go to the folk festival that way?

  3. Wow! That looks like SO much fun! Did you perform at the festival Sandy?

  4. It was much fun! Nooo... no performance... they were focused on cows not on little bears!