Friday, May 4, 2012

Swept Away by Spring

Little bear is noticing more and more greenery as he travels west... there is more grass... lots of grass! In fact, grass is getting a little ho-hum for little bear...
And there still isn't much happening with the branches on the trees... there are tantalizing buds but he's been seeing those since flatland and they really aren't doing much.
Mind you... he has noticed that as he travels farther west, the rivers are getting muddier and more turbulent. No more placid rivers from the rolling hills... these are serious floodwaters and little bear takes a look at the rivers from a healthy distance.
But every once in a while, he sees a little side creek and he decided to stop and have a look. Well... they may look like little creeks from the road but... when you get right up close, well... they aren't quite so little. In fact, they are raging torrents!
And these "little creeks" could easily start washing away roads if they get any bigger... like that culvert way in the background...
Now at least little bear knows where all the melting snow is going! Somewhere far, far way... to something mysterious called "the ocean". Maybe little bear will get to see the ocean at some point... who knows!

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