Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Sacred Grove

Now the prairies aren't all blue sky and grass. There are small clumps of trees here and there, scrawny little trees, but trees nevertheless. Far in the distance, little bear could see a grove of trees, and decided to head over for a look-see.
The grove looked a very long away (especially for little bear's short legs), but it didn't take all that long, and little bear was almost there...
This particular grove of trees didn't look any different from other groves off in the distance. But when little bear finally got there... he could feel something... there was a calm and a peace here in this little grove... and little bear promptly lay down on the ground.
Somehow, he could sense that this was a sacred grove... a holy spot. Gazing up through the still-bare tree branches, little bear felt the contemplative peace of this place.
Finally, little bear took a seat on a rock and just sat there... he couldn't hear anything... he couldn't see anyone else... it was just him and this place... and a peaceful place too... little bear will be coming here more often!
When other people are going to church... little bear will come here and commune with the sacred.

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