Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pen Pals!

Ooohhh boy... little bear has had an amazing adventure! He is so excited, he can hardly sit still. A few days ago... he was on another plane (headed west this time) and had a layover in a big airport. There are never any bears traveling through the airports it seems... and little bear was feeling a tad lonely...
So... he decided to do some searching on the internet and social networking sites... there might be some other bears out there. Maybe?
He did find some little bears on Facebook... but they seemed to be fairly prissy bears, just hanging around coffee shops. Not an adventurous bear to be seen! And then, he came across a blog site that was old and out of date... with little bears hanging off of Christmas trees... which didn't look very adventurous either. But... but... there was a link for "Jerry and Ben (Tales of 2 Bears)"... Little bear clicked that link and... fell over backwards in astonishment!
Oh my goodness!! "The Many Adventures of Jerry and Ben"... little bear couldn't quite contain himself. He wanted to be friends right away... but had to get mama to type for him because he was all thumbs. And a day later... there was a response to one of little bear's adventures... and then little bear posted something on their blog...
Oooh... little bear has pen pals... very well-dressed pen pals too... Little bear now wants to know why he has to wear a winter hat and boots and pants and jacket all the time (Canada gets snow even in July and August). More importantly though... little bear now wonders why Gerry and Ben have names and he doesn't... oh dear!

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  1. Hi! We're so glad you're our blog pen pal! We've been to Montreal and Quebec City so far, and we love Canada! We also think you have great taste in clothes! Ben has the same green winter jacket and great fur hat...they are very warm during the cold midwest winters:

    If you like, send us your mailing address and we'll send you a postcard:

    Your pals, Jerry and Ben