Saturday, May 12, 2012

Peeka-a-boo... I see you!

Little bear is discovering that there are all sorts of places to hide when trees are this big! Although there isn't much underbrush to hide behind, he is testing his Hide-and-Seek skills. His first hiding place is certainly inventive (a hollow birch bark tube), but little bear isn't quite little enough!
One of the places looks like a great hiding spot except... it's awfully dark in there (extremely dark)... and little bear thinks dragons might live in there!
Sometimes it's not even dead tress that provide a great hiding spot... but living trees as well. This spot has several nooks and crannies and was a very good hiding spot until little bear ruined it by looking to see if anyone had found him! Silly bear...
But his best spot was very good... can you see little bear?
If only his black nose and eyes didn't give him away!

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