Monday, May 28, 2012

Little bear won't forget

Today was a very early morning for little bear! He was off for another bike ride and the sun was barely over the horizon. But that's OK... 5:30 am doesn't feel so early when it's light out.
On his way to his favourite hot chocolate shop, little bear saw something strange and wanted to stop and have a look. There were these big green machines and something grey that looked very weird!
What could these things be? What were they used for? Why were they out here? Little bear had a flood of questions and couldn't quite believe the answers. These things were used for "war" and "peace-keeping"?? What was "war"? ... Oooh... explain that one to a little bear...
Little bear isn't sure that he likes the sound of "war". It sounds like lots of people get hurt and don't come home to their loved ones. He can't imagine ever going off to war! Little bear would like to go into the museum here and learn some more... but it isn't open at 6 am... so that will have to be another adventure.

Little bear hopes that there will be peace in the world... but he also understands (a little bit) why there might be war. He's just glad he doesn't live in a war zone!

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