Thursday, May 24, 2012

Little bear attends a concert... of sorts

While the prairie might be flat land... it isn't completely dry-land. There are little hollows where water collects... particularly in the spring. Today little bear came across just such a hollow... actually, he could hear it long before he could see it!
There was an embankment... a steep embankment... and little bear wondered if it was worth it to scramble down this embankment to explore the mysterious noises of the hollow... but...
he is a little bear... and adventure is his middle name! So after scrambling down the first drop, little bear stood at the top of the slope and gathered his courage in his paws and then... down he went!
Whew... look at that slope! He's lucky he didn't take a tumble as he could have ended up "splat" on the rocks! Mind you, he does come well-padded... So, following his ears... little bear crept up on the hollow... but as he got closer the noise stopped!
Grumble, grumble... little bear is going to have to learn how to stand very, very still! There are apparently hundreds of frogs in this hollow... and they aren't too impressed with a little bear creeping up on them... But, little bear can be very good at standing very still... Don't move, little bear... don't even breathe... and maybe, just maybe...
Ooohh... little bear has just shot his first full-feature film (a short one, mind you)... maybe he'll take up a career as an actor!

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