Sunday, May 13, 2012

An encounter with wise old owl

Little bear was walking through the forest, minding his own business, enjoying all the greenery, when all of a sudden he froze (he does that very well). Oh my goodness... it was an owl!! An honest to goodness owl... and little bear wondered if he might not become an owl snack! But after remaining frozen (torn between fight or flight), little bear eventually realized the owl wasn't moving either... in fact, it was maintaining a rather wooden pose.

Little bear tiptoed through the tiny green plants and eventually realized... it was a wooden owl!! A carving of all things...
Well, it didn't take very long before little bear was standing on top of the world (or at least the owl)! And off he went again, with a spring in his step, peering behind trees, looking for more exciting animals! And sure enough... it wasn't long before little bear found... another owl!
Little bear wonders if all of these owl carvings mean that real owls are haunting these woods as well... oooh... With that realization, little bear doesn't have quite such a spring in his step, and in fact, a distant "whoo-hoo" noise has little bear running for shelter!
No-No, little bear... owls don't hang around during the day. That was just a train in the distance... So, once again little bear scampers down the trail and meets... another tree spirit... but this one is different from the bearded one he saw a few days/weeks ago.
Let's just say that this one validates all that little bear has been saying about pterodactyls and dragons lurking in dark corners! Clearly... if there is a carving of a dragon tree spirit... then dragons must exist as well! (Little bear's logic is impeccable sometimes).

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