Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Discovering the joy of Campfires...

For months now, little bear has been perplexed by the black things that he sees lying around river banks and beaches...
They sure weren't rocks... but what were they? Telling little bear that they were the remains of a campfire wasn't all that helpful to him... as he really had no experience of campfire. But now... things are different! After checking out that there were no signs like this, little bear is going to make a campfire (or two).
The first step in making a great campfire is to find a place to make it! You can't just pick a spot in a public park and start burning things... No... the best place is a deserted beach somewhere with lots of driftwood that can be used for firewood.
This beach certainly looks deserted enough... not a person in sight... other than little bear of course. Having found the perfect spot, it's now time to gather some firewood... and little bear helps with that... he's great at finding kindling!
After that, all one needs is a match (which little bear is not going to wield)... and a bit of time... and a comfy log to lean against... and little bear is a happy bear!
It's nice and warm by the fire... and little bear can just sit back (not too close!)... and enjoy the sight, sound and smell of the campfire, and watch all of his collected wood turn into black charcoal.
He's a pretty happy looking bear... looks sort of contemplative... just staring into the fire and letting his mind drift...

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