Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Day at the Beach

Little bear only has a precious amount of time remaining here in the land of spring. Soon he will head back home and he's not too happy about that... He's gotten used to greenery and flowers and flowing water. Despite being told that spring does come to flatland as well... little bear isn't too sure about that yet!

Today little bear wanted to head back to the lake... just to enjoy the warmth of the sand on his little feet... to sit and stare out at the water... to be a contemplative little bear.
The water is so still and calm and little bear could sit here for ages... A bit farther down the beach, he finds an old dock...
And little bear can almost see the appeal of jumping into the waters to go for a swim. He can see the bottom here... and although the water is still very cold... he's thinking that maybe water isn't such a bad thing (although he still has that idea that he might shrink if he falls in the water)...
And of course no visit to the beach would be complete without finding something carved into a piece of driftwood. Little bear wonders who "J" and "K" are... He wonders if he'll ever find true love as well... he hasn't met too many adventurous little bears during his travels... maybe he's the only one?
They say that no man is an island... but right now, little bear feels a bit isolated! He's more than a third of the way through his year of adventure and... so far he hasn't found anyone to share that with... But who knows what the future might hold...

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