Saturday, March 17, 2012

Water Bear

Well, little bear was so tired after yesterday's stair adventure that he didn't have the energy to relate his experience at the bottom of the dam.

So... what did little bear find? Well, an awful lot of very cold water! Flowing out the bottom of the dam... flowing out of pipes, flowing away from the dam and down the valley. Wow... little bear hasn't come across flowing water before outside... he's seen it inside but... outside... nope, that's a different story.

Little bear is pretty impressed! The dam looks very big from this angle... very big! He wonders what is on the other side of it... is it all just ice? Or is there water there too? Or do they melt the ice to make the water?? Questions, questions!

Little bear is pretty clear though, that he needs to pay attention when he's around the water! He's already slipped a few times on the rocks and almost went splat into the water! Doing a face plant in snow is one thing... doing a face plant in the water is a completely different thing!

Which is a good lesson for us as well. Paying attention to our surroundings... because things are never the same twice over. Things change... ice melts... rivers shift... people change!

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