Saturday, March 3, 2012


Little bear came across another box on a tree today. This one was full of sunflower seeds as well, so little bear figured that he would camp out for a while and see if any birds came by.

Needless to say, little bear sat there for quite a while with no birds anywhere! After a bit of coaching, little bear came down from his perch and sat down a a little ways away. Very still... very still little bear. At one point he almost fell asleep but then all of a sudden he heard some twitters and some chirps and then some blurs zoomed through the trees!

Whoa!! What was that?? Little bear perked up and waited with baited breath... not a single breath did he take (for quite a while). And then... zip... there it was... a little chickadee checking out the little house! Cool! A real live bird! And then... zip... another little bird, this time on the ground, just a few feet from little bear! His guys got very wide and he didn't breathe (for quite a while). The bird hopped around on the ground and little bear saw that it had a red streak on its forehead... very cute!

And then little bear sneezed... or moved... or blinked... or took a breath.... or scratched an itch... and the birds were gone. But wow... he had actually seen some live birds up close! And he learned a valuable lesson... sometimes you have to give little birds some space and have some patience.

Little bear actually had to stop on his walk, sit down and wait before anything happened around the bird feeder. Which is a good metaphor for life. Sometimes we need to stop what we are doing, sit down and wait for a while before anything happens. Instead of rushing through life, maybe it's time to stop and watch the bird feeders and see what comes to us. Maybe some ideas, some intuitions... somebody's face... someone we should call. They just need us to stop for a moment so that they can alight. Who knows what might happen.

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