Saturday, March 10, 2012

Snow Angel?

Today little bear came across a sign that had him rather perplexed (he hasn't learned how to read yet). Little bear has met a snowman. Little bear has met an angel. But little bear has never met a snowangel!! What is this sign? What could it mean? Are there snowmen out there with wings? Are there angels out there made out of snow? Are these snow angels the angels of deceased snowmen?? Or are they the guardian angels of snowmen? Or are they angels made out of snow? Or what?

Little bear had some fun trying to figure this out... he was clear that he did want to have his picture taken with this curious hybrid. Little bear is finding that quite a bit these days. That he is preplexed and confused by these things... and unable to find the answers out immediately. Luckily today, little bear had someone with him who could explain the idea of snow angel... that it was a metaphor for people who shovel their neighbour's sidewalks.

Now that made sense to little bear! And he immediately decided that he wanted to be a snow angel as well! He was up early every morning, hardly slept at all really... and he could be out there very early shoveling sidewalks. But when little bear got home and saw how big a snow shovel was... he realized he might not be able to help very much... Somehow snow shovels are not made for little bears! Meaning little bear will not get the label of snow angel, at least not today... but you never know.

Which is a good lesson for us. Maybe things won't happen for us today... maybe we can't do something today, because we lack the skill or the time or the energy... but it could happen someday... if we're open for it. You never know...

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