Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Scribbler Patrol Bear

Today little bear was not all that please. He was walking along, minding his own business when he saw some scribbles on a garbage can. Little bear has seen a lot of garbage cans (a lot!) and while he still hasn't figured out how to operate the bear-proof containers... he does pay attention to them. And he notices how much litter doesn't make it that extra 20 feet to the garbage cans! (That's our Litter Patrol Bear).

Anyhow, he knows that garbage cans should not have scribbles on them. The scribbles are obviously in a foreign language as he cannot decipher any of it. They are just scribbles... but they look ugly. And little bear is not impressed. Mind you, it is just one garbage can... Or is it?

On his walk today, little bear started to notice that scribbles are actually everywhere. They are on the wooden hand railing of a set of stairs...

They are on the legs of a park bench... seriously, who would want to stoop down that far to put scribbles down there?

They are on the support posts of a bridge... it doesn't matter what surface... scribbles are everywhere. Little bear is quite upset with whoever the scribblers are! Whatever they think they might be doing... they are not beautifying the world! In fact, now it is a distraction for little bear... he is starting to see scribbles wherever he looks... on lampposts... on fences... on bus shelters... on newspaper boxes...

Little bear is here to say... "NO" to the scribblers. Even after little bear learns that the scribbles are called graffitti... he is not impressed... scribbles... everywhere... He is thinking of forming a Scribbler Patrol! In addition to Litter Patrol... and Poop Patrol... and a few other things... hmmm... little bear is going to be a busy bear! Little bear learned that all he has do is dial 311 and he can report scribbles... maybe if everybody reported scribbles... there'd be less scribbles out there...

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