Friday, March 30, 2012

Rich Bear?

Today little bear was out for a walk and came across some more litter. Little bear has had just about enough of this stuff!! These cups end up everywhere... these things called "Tim's"... but these ones also look slightly different. They are red instead of brown. They are covered in writing and pictures...

Hmm... little bear pieces together what they say: "Rrrolll up the Rim to Win"!! Oooh, a contest!! Maybe little bear could win something, like a new house or a new car or a new outfit! Little bear is pretty excited... today is his lucky day... someone was silly enough to leave these cups here (two of them, no less) and little bear is ready to roll up the rim.

Very quickly little bear learns two things... (1) Rolling up the Rim is much harder than it looks. Especially with little bear paws. He just can't get a grip! He struggles and mutters and sits on the cup and pushes and just can't get the rim to move an inch. He decides to ask for help and that is when he learns the second thing... (2) No one ever leaves a rim unrolled! These cups have already have their rims unrolled... and they are not winning cups.

Little bear is a tad dejected... so much for the new outfit! Ah well... there will certainly be other chances in the future. But little bear still has a bone to pick with people who leave cups lying around!

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