Saturday, March 24, 2012

Global Warming

Little bear keeps up on the news. He's heard about global warming and climate change and he's a getting a little bit concerned! He's beginning to see signs of climate warming wherever he goes now! Plus... the sun is definitely feeling warmer than just a mere month ago.

The snow is disappearing... in fact, it's pretty much gone in most areas. It's still present in the river bottoms but elsewhere, there are rapidly melting piles of snow... and puddles everywhere! Plus... all the lovely snow that covered the tree branches is melting and now there are just water droplets everywhere. Clearly global warming.

He's also noticed that the river ice is starting to break up. He was down at the river the other day, and there was actually clear flowing water in some spots and he could see big ice floes migrating down the river. Another clear indicator that the climate is changing!

Little bear isn't sure what to do about this... everything is changing around him! The environment is changing and he's quite concerned. He's read that climate change is supposed to occur over years or even decades... and yet here it's happening within a few months!

With a bit of help (he's not very good with keyboards), little bear learned that there is something called seasons... earth rotation... position of the earth in relation to the sun... tropics of cancer and capricorn.... Hmm... little bear is still perplexed. What is this thing called Spring? Summer? Fall? He doesn't know anything other than Winter! Poor little bear... hes' going to have quite the surprise coming up! But he'll really only understand it by experiencing it!

Which is true for us as well... sometimes we don't really understand something until we've experienced it. People can tell us about it but really... until we've experienced it... it is all just a bunch of words.

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