Thursday, March 29, 2012

Found: Wilson the Ball

Little bear was out for a walk today... he does like to go for walks. And he was trekking down a trail when he saw a fluorescent coloured object off to the side. He went over for a look-see and found a tennis ball named Wilson.

Now little bear knows what these are used for! Dogs love to chase these and carry them around in their mouths. Little bear isn't going to touch it for that very reason... it is covered in doggie-slobber... for sure. But obviously some dog has lost his ball.

Little bear thinks that maybe there should be a lost and found bulletin board at the trail head... that way he could post a picture of the ball and some dog could phone little bear (on his English cell phone) and little bear could show the dog where his ball is. But... in the meantime, some other dog might come by and steal the ball... so little bear is lift in a bit of a quandary. What to do... he's definitely not carrying the ball home... so maybe he'll just leave it here and hope that the dog owner comes back and finds his lost little ball.

Little bear is quite an upstanding citizen of a bear - concerned about a dog's lost ball... and yet little bear is limited by his size and his abilities. He does what he can... and trusts the universe to take care of the rest. Which is a good lesson for us as well... do what we can and entrust the rest to the universe.

But in the meantime - if anyone recognizes this tennis ball and knows the dog to whom it belongs, give little bear a ring...

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