Thursday, March 8, 2012

End run out of the jam

Today little bear took his courage in his hands and decided on a way to get around the log jam... The jam was caught up in the middle of the river, on a sand bank and while little bear felt comfortable sneaking out to the log jam across a narrow band of deceptive snow... he wasn't so sure about the river.

Going out on the river was a whole other story. Little bear decided to do some investigation... First he shoved the snow aside and had a look at the ice underneath. Based on his earlier ice investigations, little bear decided that this ice was definitely thick enough to take his weight... even considering that he had a few chocolates last week and was a tad pudgier than last time he was out on ice! Little bear is turning into quite the little ice scientist...

Second, little bear examined some neighbouring tracks and decided that if the river ice could hold tracks that big... then it could probably hold his little feather weight footsteps! There were some long, narrow tracks which he found a little perplexing. But also some "normal" tracks that looked liked footsteps of some sort.

And with a little tug on his confidence and courage, little bear did an end run around the log jam. Which just goes to show us... why slog through the struggle of something when there might be an easier route around the issue...

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