Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dam Bear

Today little bear was almost at the end of his walk when he came across a huge structure... like huge! One side of the structure had ice backed up behind it... the other side... well, it was a long ways down! A long ways down! And there was flowing water down there too.

What could this thing be?? Little bear didn't have far to look. There were some signs near the structure and little bear learned that the big structure was a dam... It had been constructed a very long time ago and provided fresh drinking water to the inhabitants of the city... and some power too.

Little bear was quite fascinated by this... he had no idea that such things existed... Tomorrow little bear might take a look down at the bottom of the dam... just to see what is there... He's had enough ice to last him a lifetime and the sight of running water has his curiousity piqued!

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