Monday, March 12, 2012

Clumsy Bear

Well... little bear learned an interesting lesson today... always watch where you're walking... Little bear was walking along, minding his own business, but not really paying attention to where he was going. He was fixated on a very weird noise that he could hear over the river. It sounded like a squeaky rusty gate opening, over and over again. What could it be?

So he was walking and looking and all of a sudden he saw a big bird (like a very big bird!) lift up from one of the trees across the river! Whoa!!! What could it be?? The bird flew directly overhead and little bear craned his neck and looked and... wow... and then... boof!!

Little bear wasn't watching where he was going and poof and he did a full-frontal face-plant into the snow. The bird flew off... and little bear struggled to lift himself out of the deep snow with his short little arms. Well... that was fun! Little bear gave himself a face-wash! Of sorts...

He learned an important lesson today... don't birdwatch and walk at the same time. He could have walked into the river! Or into a tree! Or off of a cliff! It's a good lesson for him and a good lesson for us as well... who also tend to be multi-taskers as well... typing on the computer while we're talking on the phone... texting while we're driving...  Little bear is going to be much more careful in the future!

As for the bird... ah, that was little bear's first sighting of a bald eagle... hopefully he'll get a better view later!

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