Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Big Birds

Little bear was down by the river again today... what can I say... little bear likes the water! "Where do you want to go today, little bear?"... "River, River, River!!!". So, down to the river it is!

Today, little bear was actually at the water's edge and examining some of the rocks and how the water flowed around them, when he heard a weird noise. It wasn't the squeaky metal gate sound from a few days ago... No, this time it sounded like a car horn... honk, honk, honk. Little bear stopped walking (good move, little bear) and looked up in the sky.

Oh my goodness... a whole flock of big birds with long necks! Wow!!! And as little bear watched (without moving), the birds circled around and then landed in the river right in front of little bear... with a splashing skid and some honking.

Oh little bear was excited! He didn't dare move though... as he didn't want to frighten them off. The birds paddled around and a few went to the far side of the river and stood up in the shallows and looked at little bear. Wow...

Little bear learned that these birds were called Canada Geese and that their presence meant that winter was almost over and spring was coming. "Winter? What's winter? Spring? What's spring?" Ah yes... little bear is a winter bear - he hasn't experienced any other season. He doesn't know anything other than snow and ice and leafless trees and brown grasses. He is in for a big surprise in a few weeks!

Which is a good lesson for us...we go through seasons in our own life, and sometimes we aren't even aware that there is something else out there. Are we prepared to be surprised?

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