Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bear Lair

Little bear was out for a walk today... he does like to walk! He was down by the river and just poking around when he came across an old broken tree trunk that caught his attention. Hmm... was that a hole up there? He clambered up and had a look.

Yup!! The trunk was hollow!! Wow... this might be the perfect lair for a little bear! It smelled like tree... very nice! It just need a bit of house cleaning... and it looked like it was free! No rent to pay... no mortgage to pay!

Little bear cleaned out some debris and then snuggled into the lair... hmm... not a bad fit, but also not a lot of room to move around. Not a lot of room for his favourite comfy chair either. Hmm... maybe it wasn't such a good bear lair.

With a bit of a struggle, little bear extricated himself from the trunk and jumped down. Hmm... he was a bit dusty... and clearly there was a lot of dusty stuff in the trunk! Little bear likes cleanliness and tidiness... so this might not be the perfect bear lair. Plus... it looked like it might get quite wet in a rainstorm. Ah well... little bear will continue his hunt for the perfect bear lair!

A good lesson for us as well... little bear isn't just going to settle for any bear lair... and neither should we!

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