Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bear in Transit

Little bear was very tired today after all the walking lately! He found a bench and sat down for a while to rest his tired little feet. It was actually not a very comfortable bench, but it was out of the wind, in a little glass shelter!

Hmmm... what was this place? Little bear looked around and decided it wasn't someone's house... there was a whole open section and while it was out of the wind, it was still quite cold. He saw a sign next to the shelter with a strange picture on it. Hmmm... what was this place.

Then off in the distance, he saw a big vehicle coming... hmmm... It was a big long vehicle with lots of windows and lots of people sitting in it. The vehicle stopped at the shelter and the door opened. Some people got off and some people got on... But where had they come from? Where were they going?

The vehicle drove away and little bear was left there wondering and full of questions! And no answers. Oh well... he'll learn the answer someday!

Which is how it is for us sometimes as well... we have lots of questions and few answers. We wonder about things. We are perplexed by things. But rather than letting it go, we worry about things. We gnaw on them and chew on them. We turn it over and over in our minds. We don't let it go. Little bear just let it go... the vehicle mystery is just one of many mysteries for little bear... but he doesn't lie awake at night worrying about them. So why do we?

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