Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bear Bags

So, little bear likes these dog poop scoop bags! They are free, which is a good thing since little bear doesn't have any money. In fact, little bear doesn't even have a job... at least not a paying job. He volunteers a lot but that doesn't pay a heck of a lot... in fact nothing. He could collect pop cans but they're almost as big as he is... Anyhow... the bags are free!

So, little bear has come up with a multitude of uses for these baggies!

1. Mud Protector - when faced with a sloppy patch of mud, little bear can hop into the baggie, tuck it up under his arms and hop across the mud patch! Smart little bear! That way he doesn't get his boots all mucky.

2. Snow Slider - little bear has seen kids sliding down hills on a variety of devices, sleds, toboggans, etc. And it looks like lots of fun but little bear has tried in on his own and it doesn't work. But... if he hops into the baggie and sits down at the top of a snow slope, it works like a hot damn! Zoom!!! Little bear only tried it out on a little hill first, but he had a lot of fun. This has possibilities!

3. Rain Suit - if little bear is out for a walk and it starts pouring rain, he could get very wet very quickly. And little bear does not like to get wet. It will ruin his hair and he fears that he might shrink as well! He read that somewhere! Anyhow... all he has to do is hop into the baggie, pull it up over his head and fold it over and voila... instant rain protection! Mind you... he can't see much when he's in there... but all he really needs to do is wait out the rain storm. So that's not too bad.

What a smart little bear! He's learning how to use every day objects for other uses. Good lesson for us as well. Those doggie bags could come in useful for a variety of tasks... blueberry collector, mushroom collector. Might not work as a rain suit on humans though!

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