Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Meeting Royalty

Little bear met some royalty today! Ancient royalty mind you... and only a statue of royalty... but it counts! Little bear has heard that London used to be a Roman city way back in the early years. Today he came across some ancient walls from Roman times and a statue of the Emperor Hadrian! Oh boy!

Having his picture taken with the statue was an experience. He was a little concerned that he would discover what the Romans actually wore under their kilts... or if they wore nothing but luckily the statue wasn't that detailed! Whew!!

Mind you, little bear did get some funny looks from passers-by! I guess they've never seen a little bear wanting to have his picture taken with a Roman Emperor. Mind you... little bear also has a bone to pick with the Romans because they killed thousands of bears in their games at the Colosseum in Rome and other big Roman centres. No wonder bears are an endangered species in some areas. And the truth is... the Romans hunted the Atlas Bear to near extinction in northern Africa! The last known Atlas Bear was killed in the 1870s, but you can be sure that the Romans dealt the species the hardest blow!

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