Saturday, March 17, 2018

Spring Day at the Beach

We went to the beach! It was a gorgeous sunny day and +13C - spring weather!

I wonder if they humans packed a snack?

 Well... yes they did! Fresh kiwi and some nuts and seeds. More of a Reindeer diet but... still, they are trying!

The herring run is happening right now... and there goes a fishing boat!

Sigh... I like living on the coast!


  1. There is one very curious thing about these photos: there is no snow. That doesn't seem quite fair!

    1. Snow? In March? That's unheard of out here. I prescribe a trip to Mexico for you two.

    2. We have to work a bit harder on the seKretaries for that.

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  3. Kiwis and nuts are a tasty and healthy snack! Did you wave down the fishermen and ask for some fish?

  4. We just noticed, unless those seeds and nuts are covered in dark chocolate, we call that a very feeble effort on behalf of the seKretaries. We stuffies have to draw the line.