Sunday, February 11, 2018

The other side of London

So, the hostel we're staying in has Brompton Cemetery as a recommended place to visit. Go figure... So I dragged Mama along... It sure has an impressive entrance.

This is nice to know... although we did see people jogging... is that permitted?

 Oooh... pretty funky!

Daffodils are almost up... sorry for my mid-west stuffie friends who are buried under feet of snow!

Snow drops!!

This cemetery is kind of a sad place, lots of neglected graves.

Although this little section of Commonwealth graves is doing ok.

See what I mean?

 Part of the problem in some sections is the English ivy... See those little tendrils climbing up that stone?

Give it a few years and it'll look like this! Looks kind like an elephant...

And then there's these... all tucked and hidden under a big tree.

There's also a big round area in the middle with stone arcades and a chapel...

And then there are stairs under the arcades... uh... hmmm....

I think we should go down there and see what it looks like... what's behind that door?

Oh, go ahead... don't mind me... I'll just wait up here, ready to run screaming madly in the other direction...

Well, that's a cool door!

It's kinda Harry Potter-esque... the basilisk thing... you know...

I wonder what's behind the doors?

 Ok, that's just freaky!! It's a catacombs...

I think this is the coolest gravestone...

It's for Flight Sub Lieutenant Reginald Alexander John Warneford VC (Victoria Cross) RNAS (Royal Naval Air Service)- killed 17 June 1915. It has a carved picture of him and a picture of his plane shooting down a Zeppelin in WW1! He died on the same day that he received the French Légion d'honneur. Sounds like quite a guy.

This had to be the saddest tombstone... the sandstone is so weathered that it's actually got a hole in it...

That's it, Sandy's tour of Brompton Cemetery is over - hope you enjoyed it! Pizza Express for dinner (no pictures... save you the drool alert!)


  1. That's a cool adventure. Did you see any archeologists wandering around the cemetery? We are having an early spring down here - lots of daffodils blooming already. Sorry J and B.

    1. Daffodils?? Already?? Wow! No archaeologists but there was a tour group.

  2. Beary cool location; the one door looks like it is the door to Slytherin at Hogwarts!

    1. That's what I thought too! Or the Chamber of Secrets...

  3. Wow, lots of history there. Have you ever been to the Paris Catacombs? My human says it's a very spooky place...

    1. Nooo... but Mama has been to the catacombs outside Rome... also beary spooky!

  4. Wow... I am getting goosebumps as I read this...