Monday, February 12, 2018

Grand Adventures in London - Part 1

Hullo! Sandy Bear here, reporting from London. Today is a big day... I don't know everything that is planned but... stay tuned. This morning, the District Line had a signal failure so there were delays galore. We jumped on the Piccadilly Line and got out at Hyde Park Corner... cool!

Oh... hello! A couple of strange looking ducks here...

And a guy on a horse!

With a bunch of soldiers around him... I wonder who this is...

Ah-hah! It's the Duke of Wellington! He was a great English commander... and famous for Beef Wellington. I think.

Then there's this big monument... kinda like the Arc de Triomphe in France.

This park is all about war memorials! This one is for the Royal Artillery.

Still some Remembrance Day wreaths - that one with the purple ribbon is from Canada!

OK... this guy has some big pockets on his pants... not sure what artillery-men would need to carry in those... oh... apparently he was a shell carrier! Musta been heavy...

And over here we have... the Australian War Memorial!

Cool... the small words are the towns that the Australian soldiers are from... and then they bolded some of those to create bigger words that are the battles they were involved in.

OK... I'm ready to move on...what's next!?

Look at how green the grass is here...

Ooooh... Buckingham Palace!! That's right, I had sent an email asking for an audience with the Queen about her Guardsmen still using Canadian bear fur for their fancy hats...

Let's see if I can get in to see her today...

It's a very fancy place. Look at all that gold leaf...

Ah, here's the intercom... Hello? Can you hear me? This is Sir Alexander Mackenzie Bear MMBE, here to see the Queen. Hello?

And there's one of those guys with the bear hats! Hello?

Hmm... nobody's answering... grumble...

Oh well... time to do some shopping!

It's not everyday you can get a fancy gold bag from Buckingham Palace!

Hey... another guy on a horse!! This guy is named Foch... Marshal Ferdinand Jean Marie Foch, to be exact. He was a French General and the Supreme Allied Commander during WW1. Thought Ben would like to see that!

Oooh... we're at Victoria Station... I wonder why we're here? We're going to meet someone? Cool!

Starbucks... nice!

Uh... we're going to have to find someone before we can meet someone! It's like a needle in a haystack!

Luckily, "someone" told us to meet near the Lush store by platforms 15-19... stay-tuned!!!


  1. Beef Wellington, yum.

    Hope that shell carrier had strong suspenders to hold up those pants!

    1. That's what I thought... he must have had super strong pants too!

  2. We've been to Avenue Foch in Paris! Thanks for sharing your photos!

    Who are you meeting??? We have a guess!

    1. I had no idea about Marshall Foch! Learn something new every day!

  3. Hmm.. I think I know who you are meeting...