Sunday, February 4, 2018

Departing Vancouver

Sooo... this is Rose. Hi Rose!! She is making "slime"... it's a concoction made out of glue and dish soap and baking soda and food colouring. Ewwww...

Rose is videotaping herself making this mixture because...

She is going to do it blindfolded! So she won't know what colour she is making... OK... She's a 10 year old... what can we say....

A short bus and skytrain ride later and we're at the airport! I wonder... where are we going...

 We're definitely in the International check-in section tough... so no US flight!

Ooooh... maybe we're going to Shanghai?

Nope... that's just Chinese New Year decor in the departures area!

Let's see... what are my options...

Hmmm... China... Germany (that's possible)... Japan, Mexico, Iceland, England, New Zealand (that would be nice)...

Mama is keeping it a bit of a secret... I'll just have to be patient!


  1. ROSE!! We love hearing about Rose. "Bonjour Rose, j'espère que tu va bien." Ben.

    We also can't stand the anticipation of waiting to find out where you are going? Hopefully we'll find out soon!!!

  2. I hope I find out soon too! The suspense is killing me. This little bear has never been strong on patience! Rose says she is tres bien! She is 10 going on 15. Sigh.

  3. I could not help but notice that there was a flight to Reykjavik. The temp right now is 1C, which is 18 degrees (C) warmer than Minneapolis - sorry J and B. Actually, Reykjavik is 16 degrees (C) warmer than Winnepeg too.
    Are you going to Reykjavik?

    1. I wish... Reykjavik is definitely on my to do list. But not this time.

  4. Hello Rose! So what color did the slime turn out to be? My mom wants to try making slime also! I would like to help out with that.

    I think you are going to Frankfurt! Just my guess!

    1. The slime ended up being chartreuse green and salmon pink. Go figure... Rose is a mad scientist when it comes to making slime. She is always trying to finesse her recipes. Stay-tuned for destination news!