Sunday, February 18, 2018

Back Home

Sigh... it's time to head home... We got an early start and had some time at Starbucks... the windows were all foggy which made for an interesting photo.

My goodness!! Beanie already posted our adventure! (That was like a week ago in real life time!)

I had a hot chocolate... mmmm....

 But now it's time to go... so we caught the tube...

And here we are at Heathrow...

 Now we have to wait until our flight gets a gate assigned... and then scamper like mad to that area.

That's our plane!

We're almost to Vancouver... the Coast Mountains sure are beautiful...

Oohh... nice mountain!

 And there's the Fraser Valley!!

Then there was a Skytrain ride, a bus ride and a ferry ride and... we're home!!! Spooky immediately crawled into the empty suitcase...

 And... there is the box of Laduree macaroons... are there any left, you ask?

Well yes... there is one chocolate one!

Am I going to save it for you? Well... no... they don't last very long... get hard and crunchy you know...

Better to just eat it!! Nom... nom... yum!!


  1. WOw!!! I'm amazed that lasted through the flight.....!!!

  2. Welcome back. Stowing away really paid off.

  3. Glad you made it home safely!

    And please, may I just have a small piece of that macaroon?

  4. Thanks for sharing your great adventure!!

  5. Oh, you know, it's so good that there are little bears around to eat the last cookies and thus prevent the seKretaries from eating them then complaining that they ate them because they're trying to watch their weights and if only there wasn't so many cookies around....thank goodness there are little bears around to finish them off! You're really doing a very heroic and patriotic act!

    1. That is so beary true. The humans really have no idea how we keep them on the straight and narrow... or slim and trim... It is a super heroic and patriotic act and I think I deserve a reward... I'll take a huge pot of honey!