Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Total Eclipse of the Bear

Well... did you see it??? Huh? Did you???
See what???...
The Eclipse of course!
We only had 89% of totality but... I made sure to order some special solar eclipse viewing filters a lonnng time ago. So I was ready!

 This is a Bear Ear Eclipse of the Sun... heh heh!!

I've never seen a solar eclipse before! So I'm beary excited. Mama saw one in southern Mexico in 1991 and said it was beary cool... But that was a total eclipse and this is only 89%. If I had been thinking this through, I would have gone down to Oregon to visit Little Fox and view it from there!

Alright... the time approaches... I am ready!

Let the viewing begin!!

Oooh... ahhh... Mama didn't have special glasses, so she just stuck her cell phone up and made it take a picture but... that didn't work beary well..

Although in this one, you can see what looks like an upper right nibble getting taken out.

I... on the other hand, got a full, beautiful view!

Of this... oooohhh.... It did get quite a bit cooler and it was darker - but a weird kind of light... Very fascinating. Did you see the eclipse where you were?


  1. Hi Sandy - Drunk Fox here. You should have come down, we had 99% and then decided to drive about an hour for 100%. Pretty impressive. Glad you had special glasses to view the event.

    1. I know... Oregon was the place to be! Mama has a cousin in Salem who apparently had a front porch seat for the whole thing!

  2. Great photos! Jerry says that an eclipse means that bears get extra portions of honey, cookies and hot chocolate all day long...

    1. I didn't know that rule about eclipse days. Shoot, I missed out on all those extra treats. I am assuming that if the rule holds steady for bears it's true for foxes as well.....right????

    2. Hmm... somehow those rules were not communicated to me... I might just become an eclipse chaser!

  3. We had eclipse cookies after watching the eclipse.. they are half white and half chocolate