Sunday, August 13, 2017

Garden Status

 Oh hello, Spooky and I are just admiring the garden from the deck.

It's looking pretty good...

Come on, let's go and check it out...

Bush beans are just getting started.

We tried Broad Beans this year... and they did OK...

But were real aphid attractors.

We've already been harvesting broccoli and... there are some side shoots coming now.

Garlic just got harvested...

And this is where the cabbage used to be...

We tried Summer Savoury this year... does anyone else use it?

Our potatoes are doing OK...

Our peas are almost done... so we are letting some go all the way to seed.

The Swiss Chard is growing like a weed.

Our carrots are doing OK too... and we planted some more.

Kale is still young.

Let's see... what else?

Oh yes... the raspberries!! They did really awesome this year! We had buckets and buckets...

But they are almost done and there are just a few stragglers.

Tomatoes are going well in the greenhouse...

And we have lots of cucumbers!

The basil is coming along...

We are trying eggplant this year but... so far there are lots of flowers and nothing else... sigh.

But there's a cucumber!

 Oh, look... a bee!!! Jerry... follow it and let us know where the hive is!

Our Oriental Poppy smells soooo good... like freesias. Beautiful too!

We've also picked a bunch of lavender...

Of course, we have lots of sweetpeas...

That's the tour for today! Spooky says "Meow"!


  1. Apparently aphids don't like the smell of garlic so maybe you could transplant your garlics next to the broad beans???

    1. Oooh... that's a great idea! Although... the black aphids from the nasty-urchins were crawling onto the garlic. Mind you the grey aphids from the cabbages might not like garlic...

  2. Wow! Amazing garden. Our Razzbearies did wonderful too; must have been a good year. Ben make Razzbeary ice cream (Jerry was beary happy). The bees sure look happy in your garden!

    1. We just make raspberry yogurt! But they did amazing this year. Right now it's blackberries that are everywhere.

  3. Hi Sandy,
    Drunk Fox here. I haven't tried Summer Savory but I like the name. Are you going to make any caprese salad's with the basil and tomatoes?

    1. We've already made some caprese salad... soooo good! Summer Savory is good with beans (green or yellow)... and we have some of those so going to give it a try.

  4. That's a HUGE garden. I'm sure it helps keep the grocery bill down :)

    1. Yup... but it means I have to eat a lot of broccoli cause someone thought we needed 6 plants! Who needs 6 broccoli plants??? Seriously? I know the stores sell them in 6 packs but... seriously?