Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mystery Adventure

Shhhhh.... be beary beary quiet... I am stowed away in Mama's backpack... Not sure where we are going but... I am not staying home! There's been some bumping and jostling but all is still now... I think I might take a peek...

Ooohhhh... a ceiling... shhh.....

Hmmm.... what do you think? Does that look like an airport to you??? It does to me... I wonder where...

Oops... busted!!! heh-heh!!!

Alright... we are at an airport.... Vancouver to be exact!

I guess our plane isn't here yet...

Soooo... where are we going? Huh? Where? .... We're going to visit Prince George!!! And me not dressed properly again in my royalty-meeting apparel!?? ... what.... ohhhh... not that Prince George... but the city. Phooie... Oh well...

 Hmmm... here we are... and... wow. They have no green leaves on the trees! I think I've forgotten what winter does to spring! We have all sorts of green leaves at home and coming up here is kind of like going back in time.

 Ummm... are we in Zombie-ville again?? Where is everybody?

I think I'll just chill here in the hotel room. I'll get room service to bring me a Starbucks Hot chocolate and a Timmies honey-dip donut and....


  1. Happy adventuring...hope you find a Starbucks soon. We are --finally-- going to try the Timmy H's near us. Jerry has been pestering the seKretaries about it (sometimes hourly), but we'll be in MinnieApplesless this summer, so he's insisting...

    1. Just stick to your guns Jerry! No human can outlast a persistent little bear.

  2. A trip to Prince George - are you visiting Grandma?????? Does that mean a back alley bread deal is in the works?

    Does Prince George always seem that empty or were you out and about early?

    1. No back alley bread deal this time... although I was tempted. But Mama said we had limited luggage space. No Gramma visit here either (stay tuned). PG isn't normally that empty... we were out early!