Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Hike of the Dead Tires

Wow... I must say, I've been getting a lot of cool hikes lately... beary adventurous hikes! Today, we are going down into a gully... or should I say... The Gully...

It looks pretty good from up here...

 And there's a pretty stream down in the depths.

The sun was even shining...

I thought we should explore down The Gully... there was no trail but... you know... I can supervise trail blazing.

 OK... that is a beary pretty stream!!

So calm and peaceful down here.

Oh... wow... I think someone lost a load of tires or something?

Humans are beary beary weird sometimes.

Oh look, a trillium!

And a monster tire...

Followed by an old tire...

A washing machine or oven?

Old propane tank.

Grumble... this is turning into a junk hike!

Hmmm... the slopes are getting kind of steep too.

 And there is a lot of deadfall across the stream.

 Still pretty but.... I decided we should cut the hike short as my sekrebeary was getting tuckered out from all the bush-whacking.

 At least I know where to find some spare tires!


  1. Would you say your secrebeary was getting "dead tired"? Hee hee hee...

    1. Oooh... that's a good one!!! Beary appropriate.

  2. Great hike. Any berries out yet?

    1. Mmmm... nope... haven't seen any so far. Although... we did a blueberry bush for the yard (a back-alley deal!). It has tonnes of flowers.

  3. The mist from the stream and the mini waterfall is so beautiful! Great hike Sandy