Monday, May 29, 2017

Hide and Seek - Part 1

Good morning! We are going for a hike this morning and Otto got to fortify himself with some toast and Nutella... Mama doesn't let me eat that stuff cause it is bad for little bears. But apparently it is OK for otters... go figure.

Are we ready? Yes we are... let's go!

The VW van has a great place for stuffies to sit...

The thing with kids is... they like to pick us up all the time!

We can walk you know...

Slowly... but yes we can!

It sure is nice here...

The grass is beary long and... it would make for a great hide-and-seek playground for stuffies!


Ready or not... here I come!!!

Oh boy... there sure are a lot of places for a little bear to hide!

How is Otto ever going to find a little bear?


This could take a while...

Will Otto every find a little bear... stay tuned!


  1. Toast? Nutella? a hike? and ROSE??? Sandy is so lucky! We're busy working in the garden, and will have some photos soon.

  2. I am surprised that Otto is still playing the game. I figured once he saw the water he would be off swimming.

  3. (That Certain Item I have to send - it's £8.05 by airmail or £5.70 surface mail. Let me know.....)

  4. @Jerry & Ben - I know... Nutella... mmmmmmm...
    @Little Fox - well... sea otters don't like freshwater. Gives them the itchies or something.
    @Beanie - excellent!