Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Victorian Visitors

Good morning! It is beary bright and early and we are down by the harbour in Victoria (in case you hadn't figure out from the map earlier).

We are meeting a couple of beary important guests... but they aren't here yet...

There's a lot to see down here...

All sorts of boats...

... and floatplanes!

I'd like to go on a float plane some day... I think I could be Pilot Sandy!

 Hmmm... that is a fish weighing station down there... that would be nice too... an ocean-fishing charter adventure with lots of salmon!

Ooohhh... that is the Empress Hotel!! It is a big landmark in Victoria. It was finished in 1908 and has over 400 rooms and a beary empress-ive (heh-heh) Tea Room. Except it looks funny... it's supposed to look like...

This!! With all the ivy on it... sigh...

What else... oooh... there's the BC Legislature!! Behind all those boats.

A nice orca statue...

 Made out of bits of glass.... Beanie Mouse would like this!

There's a better view of the Legislature!! Victoria is the capitol of BC. Many people think it's Vancouver... but it's not. And Victoria is on Vancouver Island. Lots of people think Vancouver is on Vancouver Island... but it's not. So confusing!

Time to get back to the float plane base...

I bet some rich stuffie owns that boat! Maybe Bear-once? Or Bear-adonna?

 Float planes leaving...

And arriving!! The plane, the plane!

 They sure taxi slow though...

 Almost here...

Well... now... almost here! And who are our guests???

Rose and Auntie!!! Here to visit Grampa! Why do people always pick up stuffies and hold them like that??


  1. Dee plane! Dee plane! You already have a leather aviator jacket, which looks smashing...all you need now is a plane...

    1. I do, don't I! Does anyone else remember Tales of the Gold Monkey (TV) or is Mama just dating herself now?

    2. I had to look up that show on Wikipedia. Seems like a fun show. A pet monkey and a bush pilot, what could go wrong?

  2. I hope grandpa is feeling better. Hospitals are not fun for Persons.

  3. ROSE!!! (we're happy to see aunty too), but ROSE!!!

    1. I'll let Rose know she has a serious fan club of little bears!

  4. Replies
    1. Apparently Otto weighed too much. They were limited to 10 lbs each and well... with everything else that they brought... Otto didn't make the cut. Too much herring over the winter I guess...

    2. Who knew sea planes were so strict?

  5. Rose! she is getting big!

    Stuffies don't really have a choice in the matter of being picked up. Just hope that you are getting a nice gentle hug instead of a squashing