Friday, March 10, 2017

Stuffed Animals Improve Literacy!

Hullo... I just wanted to let you guys know about a beary cool article that came out a few days ago. Believe it or not... scientists in Japan conducted a study on how stuffies (that's us) actually improve literacy in children! We've known that for a beary long time of course but... it's nice that the humans have finally figured this out. I see a new career for us stuffies!

How Stuffed Animals can boost children's reading and imagination

"Designed to get children interested in picture books, stuffed animal sleepover programs involve children taking their stuffed animals along to a library and leaving them there for a sleepover. During the sleepover the animals 'search' for books they want to read, with staff and volunteers taking photos of the animals exploring the library and reading together. Children collect their stuffed animals the next day, along with the photos of their nighttime adventures and reading, and are given the books their animals chose to read."

Or... this might be a new career for our humans! Apparently the children showed more interest in picture books after the sleepover and even started reading to their stuffies!

"Although many parents read to their children it is a passive form of reading for the child, whereas reading to their animals helps develop children into more active readers. (my emphasis)
In addition to developing reading skills, reading to the animals can also help to develop a child's imagination, with the team commenting that many of the children really believed their animals had found and chosen the books, and can help boost children's prosocial behaviour by encouraging them to read the books the stuffed animals 'chose' during their sleepover.
The team also found that these beneficial effects are long lasting, with the children encouraged to read with their animals long after the sleepover took place."

Original article in Heliyon

There you go... we stuffies have a positive impact on children! As they say out there... "boom... mic drop"!!


  1. *picks up the mic* (Uh, Sandy, I think you dropped this...)

    This is great! Although...I'm not sure how I feel about humans leaving their animals in the library overnight, in the dark, creepy, dusty stacks...

    1. Maybe the stuffies are security guards too? I do hope they leave the lights on!

  2. Interesting that stuffed animals are helping with literacy. The library by my house has three stuffy lemurs that travel all around the library and recommend books and activities to do. In fact, I think they are on vacation in Hawaii. I need to get to the library and introduce myself to them. I hope these links work.

    1. The lemurs look cute! Maybe you could get a job there... you know equal opportunity employment and all that... seems odd that they only hire lemurs.

  3. Stuffies help with everything--let's face it, without us, civilization would collapse.

  4. Stuffies help not just children but adults too. Perhaps even more than children.