Monday, March 13, 2017

Review of the Garden

Hullo!!! I need to check out the garden and see what is going on... Oh boy... Rascal wanted to come out too but she is not a big fan of snow!

Awww... cat kisses... I missed you too kitten!

 I wonder how deep the snow still is...

Okayyyyy... well... that's not too bad. A few days and this should all be melted!

Heh-heh... high mirrored snow globe!

Hmmm... can't really see if anything is coming up underneath the snow.

Although the kale is doing OK... it should start putting out more leaves soon in preparation for flowering this spring.

I know there are some winter beets under there but... can't see them underneath all this snow.

But we do have some spinach and mesculan greens and corn salad coming up in the greenhouse.

We are almost out of firewood though...

Not a bad view of the yard from here...

And there are even some flowers coming up! The Bergenia...

And some primroses...

I wish the snow would melt so we could make a campfire and roast some hot dogs!

I guess gardening is going to have to wait for a while.


  1. Is Rascal on a leash? Is that because she doesn't like the snow?

    1. Yeah, Rascal is an in-door cat and so she only goes out on supervised outings. Normally, she blends into the shrubbery so the leash helps us find her... and pull her out from under said shrubbery!

  2. Are you going to build an igloo? That snow looks deep! Don't fall into any crevasses...

    1. The snow is super deep. No igloo plans though. Rain in the forecast. Sigh... sounds like it's been a crazy winter here!

    2. We got our share of snow yesterday...according to some sources, as much as 12 inches. Hopefully that's the last for the season...