Thursday, March 16, 2017

Adventures in the Marsh

Hullo, Sandy Bear here. Today we are going on a Grand Adventure! This is beary exciting. The snow is gone (mostly) and the winter has been a long one. I am ready to get out there and discover something new. Today, our mission is to resolve a mystery...

There is a big marsh nearby that has a hiking trail at the east end, but the west end is a bit of an unknown. I was looking at it on Google Maps and discovered what looked like a system of trails and... a mysterious shiny object!

See!!? There is some square white thing down there. It is supposed to be park land, so what is that thing? A secret government installation? Military? Some one needs to go and find out. And that someone is me!

So.. we're off... Along the way, Mama said we might see some spring flowers but... I don't think much of these ones. This is Daphne laureola, also known as Spurge Laurel. It is invasive here...

 It has teensy-tiny greenish coloured flowers. Meh...

I want something better!

Hello, apple orchard. Nice to see you again!

Umm... OK... so the first thing we need to do is get across the 4 lane highway. We thought we could scoot under the bridge where the river goes through but... There's been so much snow melt that things are a bit flooded.

See... it's more like a lake than a river!

That's where we want to go... Normally it's a ditch...not anymore.

Oh dear. Will our mission abort right off the bat?

 Are we going to be stymied by a little bit of frigid, fast-moving water?

 What do you think?? Are we???

No we are not!!

We moved upstream along the ditch until we found a fordable point,.. After all... we are Adventurers!

Now we just need to scoot along the highway embankment...

And here we are!

Crouch under the bridge...

Pass some colourful graffiti... That could stand for Alexander's Roar!

And we're through the other side!!

Which is a bit of a wilderness. Luckily, not tooooo many brambles and blackberry plants.

Just... you know... a few skeletons...

Judging by the jaw bone and the skull, this is a deer skeleton. I wonder if it was hit by a car and injured and stumbled down here to die?

 Might have to come back and pick this up later for our garden! If we can find it...

Holy moly... the marsh is flooded!!

 Umm... I wonder where exactly we are... let's pull out the phone and see...

To Be Continued


  1. Oh my, that was one adventure. Flooded streams, animal skulls. Be careful Sandy -

  2. Hope there was some good snacks packed--that looks like a fun adventure!

    1. Someone is still falling down completely in the Snacks Department. Not sure how to "encourage" that more...

  3. As long as that isn't a bear skeleton...

    1. Nope... no pointy teeth on that one. Although maybe a bear killed the deer?