Monday, August 22, 2016

Stuffie Olympics - Event 3

Hello again, we're still down at the Beach Venue and for my next event... we have...

Event #3 - Island Hopping

This is a tricky event, requiring great agility and fancy footwork... leaping from one island to the next. The breeze from the northwest will affect my trajectory... I made it to the first island just fine... although the seaweed made landing a bit treacherous...

Oh... almost... almost landed in the ocean but... I made it to Island 2... this one is covered in barnacles... great grip but hard on the sandals and paws...

 Now where to?

That island is already covered by the rising tide sooo...

It'll have to be this one!!!

Whew... made it out before the tide covered the islands. On to the next event!!


  1. Great job Sandy! Don't forget to have a snack break, and maybe a nap break, between events!

  2. Definitely a snack and nap break are required especially when doing three events. Go Canada.

  3. Wow! You are so brave, I'm afraid of the water!!!!